David Wagner

Professor, Mathematics Education

Faculty of Education

University of New Brunswick


I am most interested in human interaction in mathematics and mathematics learning. The interactions in mathematics classrooms impact the development of mathematical understanding and the way students interact with the world outside the classroom. Classroom interactions are also a reflection of society's views on mathematics and on social justice.

This inspires my research, which has focused on investigating:

Prior to doing my PhD at the University of Alberta, I taught grades 7-12 mathematics in Canada for six years and in Swaziland for two and a half years (as part of development work with Mennonite Central Committee). It was the experience of teaching mathematics in Canada, then Swaziland, then Canada that alerted me to the highly cultural nature of mathematics teaching, which I had thought was culture-free and values-free. This experience prompted me to leave teaching to investigate the cultural nature of mathematics and the impact of mathematics teaching practices on individuals and society.

Currently, I serve as:

I have served as:

Some of the things I enjoy besides work include spending time with my family, playing soccer in the local league for people over 35 (unfortunately called the Fredericton City Old Boys), and singing in the Fredericton Choral Society choir.